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As the country and global community continues to forge through this unprecedented pandemic time, the lives of people must evolve to ensure that the health of our communities is a daily priority.  

At Attest BioSciences our primary mission is to make testing and vaccination services easily accessible to everyone.  We are implementing processes to provide access to diagnostic testing for COVID-19 and aid in diagnostic monitoring of recovery progression for the members of communities throughout the US.  

During this pandemic thousands have been denied access to testing due to the lack in availability of testing supplies or lack of access to care due to the burden placed on our healthcare system.  We at Attest BioSciences aim to change that dynamic for communities throughout the US by making these testing services more accessible to communities, employers and municipalities.

The Attest BioSciences COVID-19 testing services provides convenient testing via test collection sites and fast result turn-around times. Our test provides high sensitivity which means it’s able to detect an infection as early as 2-3 days after infection.  The Attest BioSciences test is made to help monitor a person’s COVID status so it is available to everyone, regardless of recent exposures or symptoms a person may have.  

We would love to assist individuals and organizations in meeting their specific testing needs, please reach out to us to learn more!

How We Help: How We Help
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